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  1. Kshound

    Cowboy 8810 For Sale

    Other things I forgot to mention. I think it's capacity is around 20oz medium temper leather. Has a roller foot, and needle feed as well. I added a fold down edge guide myself. Comes with 4-5 packs of groz beckert needles small to large. Will come with thread sizes 46-69-92 in several colors. I also fabbed a wooden removeable flat top attachment that slides around post for larger pieces. Might consider shipping if it's feasible cost wise. Included a picture of some boot uppers from 4-6 oz, and 7-8 oz oil tan leather my rookie skills sewed with this machine. Thanks
  2. Kshound

    Cowboy 8810 For Sale

    Bought this Cowboy 8810 from Alexander at Solar Leather in 2018. Only used for a small amount of personal leather projects, just have other hobbies taking up my time now and this is not being used much at all. Asking 1600$. Located in Wellington Ks. 6204418255