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  1. Thanks Matt, i am making mostly leather bags sewing up to 6mm but no thicker. I was looking at these machines as the juke is so expensive possibly could upgrade in a couple of years. I'm in New Zealand the volume won't be huge to start and could upgrade as my numbers increase
  2. I am currently looking at new cylinder bed sewing machines. I have been given information on the Phaff 335, CB227R, Juki 1341 and CB341. I is my understanding that latter two are the same machine just different branding? i feel like the 335 will be too small for the capacity of leather i will be sewing. I am starting a business so wanting to make sure I am making a good quality product and wondered the main differences between the 227R and the 341. I have only had a quote for the Phaff 335, CB227R and Juki 1341. No quote for the CB341 yet. Any information on these machines plus best value for money. Obviously in time I can go to the better machine or should I just leap right in? I have tried to find sewing machine reviews online but mainly just people showing off their machines or what they sell so no pros and cons on the videos
  3. I have been looking for a new cylinder bed sewing machine. I have been looking locally (New Zealand) and also on alibaba.com. I have found a lot of machines on alibaba and they are the same as any other 341 machine. Does anyone know what difference in quality there is or are they all the same just different name tag?
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