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  1. Riedwaan

    Wallet sizes

    Yeah I hope that experience will teach me better. Think making my own templates will be good as I want to do the full start to finish thing... Thank you
  2. Riedwaan

    Wallet sizes

    Thanks JLSleather Helpful indeed, i used a little to thick of a leather in my opinion and didn't even bother creasing the leather around the card. I will be cutting a credit card holder later today so will apply your tip and keep you posted of the results Thanks for the advise, but i have watched numerous videos but nothing in my opinion replaces first hand real experience
  3. Riedwaan

    Wallet sizes

    Hi All So i completed my first hand stitching piece yesterday It was the card section of a wallet, it look bad but better than i expected. The stitches were not all straight, but i quickly learned that a groover or marking the stitching line will help. The big fail for me was after i was done i tried fitting a card in to see if it is functional.. Lo and behold the card cannot even fit in there. Please share some tips and advice on how i need to measure and what needs to be considered when making cuts to ensure it is the right size?