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  1. Good to know. I’m glad I tried this thread on this “practice” piece. Up until now I’ve used black and brown threads, so I never considered that I could have a problem.
  2. Thanks, guys! That’s really helpful. This thread looked stark white until I started working it. Now it’s dingy (and I don’t know why...maybe picking up dye from the leather?), so I’m ready to throw it out!
  3. I bought the wrong thread. I had to split it to get it through my needle! It is pre-waxed with something (maybe paraffin?). I agree that the hole/thread size looks wrong. As I started pulling the thread tight, it really showed how little that thread was compared to the copious wax that was used on it. I bought a beginner set from Tandy with 3mm diamond chisels. The thread they sent with it was even smaller than this white stuff. I can’t wrap my head around these thread, chisel, and needle numbers without holding them in my hands. Right now I can’t get different sized chisels, so trial and error with thread is the best I can do. Any suggestions there on brand, size, etc? These needles have little holes, but I don’t know what size they are. They just came with the Tandy kit...no label.
  4. It would have helped on a computer. I’m on my phone, so I just cropped it.
  5. Fred, I’m working on my first belt now. It doesn’t look professional, but I can’t wait to show it off. It’s a hair inlay with oak tooling for my husband. I’d give you a little sneak peak, but it keeps saying my picture is too large. I’m not a techie, so...
  6. Fred: wanted to let you know that worked perfectly. I thinned that 2 ounce so it wasn’t bulky in that fold, and it went together so well the customer wouldn’t have known had I not said anything. Thanks, again!
  7. Fantastic, Fred! That is, in fact, the stitch holding the lining. I had almost talked myself into that very thing but was too nervous to start. Thank you for being so specific with distances. My patch would not have been that big. I have some 2oz stuff on hand that should work just fine for that task. Thanks!
  8. Hey, guys! I took a rather simple job relacing an older leather Nocona wallet. Unfortunately, I did not discover until I started pulling the old lacing off that two of the holes ripped into one big one in the fold. I assessed the construction thinking I could glue a small leather patch to the inside, punch the holes, and be ok. Unfortunately, Nocona has a lining (polyester?) sewn into the wallet. I would have to cut that liner out, patch, and attempt to hand sew the lining back in place. Is there ANY other option I haven’t seen? If not, could this be ok to not have a repair and just lace right through it? When the wallet is shut, you can still clearly see 2 holes I had to pull it apart for the attached photo I’m really new at this, so I barely charged over the cost of materials making it clear that I have never done lacing before and am a novice at leathercraft in general.
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