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  1. Tanks. I update my location, and learn how to shrink pictures. the piece tied up with 2 screws look bend. Wizcraft, i can read your instructions, but i have no clue of the parts your naming. Is there a manual with designs and label?
  2. I put apart the machine. I had with the machine brand knew original needle. It was working very well at the beginning. Thread go stock very badly under. Then it stop sewing properly The video is helpful to see how it should work. Thanks.
  3. It is where the bobbin is insert. The part under the hook ,who grab the thread. It look bend. It is tied up by 2 screws I food the info looking at other sewing machine. Somebody know where i can find pieces? Living in Montreal, Canada
  4. It is around the casing of the thread, under and inside. I had to remove the foot to take it out, the casing who is screw to a shaft The needle is rubbing on the outside part and make the stitches skip My picture is more than 1.46mb
  5. Thank you. It is great, but i need design to identify the part. I have no knowledge on sewing machine.
  6. Hi, Just got an old 111g156 machine. Its is not sewing properly. Does someone has a manual ? Don't know the name of the part i am looking for. First time user of this site/ community. You can see on the picture where it is rubbing , but can't load it
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