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  1. Thank you. This is helpful. Will see what we can do to potentially mount a motor!
  2. So I think we'll try to get a Family Sew Fs 550S Motor installed on here, however, does anyone have thoughts on how this should be mounted? I've tried to find instructions or videos to no avail.
  3. Is it a new motor? Can you share model and pricing?
  4. Unfortunately I don't have an actual photo as I live across the country, but my parents did share this with me which is the current configuration that they have setup at home. This looks identical to what cdthayer has done with his sewing machine
  5. So we need to replace the motor to my mom's Singer 29K60 machine. She had an old school Dayton Sewing Machine Conversion Kit installed ( 1/15hp, 115 Volts AS-DC) Model 2X420. Seems like Dayton may have gone out of business. Are there other options to procure another motor kit? I saw some online such as this, but want to ensure I'm buying the right one. Thanks so much.
  6. Quick update here. I shared the diagram with my mom on where she should spray WD40 on all moving parts. Per my conversation, she mentioned "a lot of gunk" came out of the machine and the wheel seems to be moving again. We'll continue to wait and then apply some machine oil and see what happens!
  7. Do you have pictures on where this is? Mom has tried to find this, but couldn't find anything. Much appreciated
  8. Hi Folks - My mom has a Singer 29K60 that she has had for as long as I can remember. The manual hand crank is stuck and no longer moves. Is there something we can do to troubleshoot? Secondly, are there local shops in Atlanta, Ga that may be able to repair if we can't do it ourselves?
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