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  1. The screws from college sew have a 7mm head which would leave them proud of the plate ... perhaps they are for a non OE plate
  2. Turns out the nearside screw hole is fubared , screw just drops in .....other side is better Thankfully ! must taken a long time to get like that i would naturally assumed the machine would be harder than the screw
  3. im guessing at this point its not the machine screw thats the problem - damn
  4. i bought these exact ( im in UK ) , they dont fit - that was when i went to specialist nutn bolt store who have a great rep for getting what you want Thanks all for replies !
  5. Hi hope this is right section is there anything special about needleplate screws ..? iv been to specialist nut n bolt shops but the ones come away with are either not the right thread - or possibly the thread they are going into is fubured ... Either way. the head is too big .Should be 6mm TIA Duncan ( Sail/cover maker ).
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