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  1. Once advice I've seen and seems to work for me is, assuming you have the beveller on the far side of the carved line, you tip it slightly towards you, so that the thin side seats more into the carved line.
  2. Some time ago I made a phone case, which has tooled outside panels glued and sewn to a thinner inside piece. I'm looking to redo the whole thing to fix some mistakes in construction, but I'm hoping to salvage the tooled panels. What is the best way to separate the glued pieces after the stitches are removed? My initial thoughts are to take a thin sharp skiving knife (I have a CS Osborne 469), and slowly pare away at the glue joint. Are there other easier/less error prone methods?
  3. I'm not artistic enough to draw the designs freehand, so I tend to use designs copied from books and found online. I clean up the image with Gimp, scaling as needed to fit the project, and then print on transparencies with a laser printer. Also I find with the tracing paper I have, it tends to crinkle up with the moisture from the leather/pressure from the stylus, so that sometimes lines don't meet up. The transparencies don't have this problem.
  4. I bought a set of templates online for a bag that unfortunately only came with very terse instructions. I'm particularly stumped by how to assemble the flap area. The plan calls for a stack up of two pieces of 1.2mm leather with a 0.4mm stiffener in between. The template for the outer piece and stiffener is a bit longer than the inner piece, and it says to glue the inner piece on "on a curve". I understand this is so that the inner piece will pull flap closed rather than stick up in the air. But how exactly do I go about sticking these two pieces together while ensuring that there are no wrinkles and the ends line up? Also for the stitching along the bend, the plans suggest to use a round stitching hole on the inner piece with a spacing that is slightly closer together than on the outer piece. How would I go about lining these up during glue up?
  5. Maybe I'm being too OCD about it, but when you are stitching and the length of the stitch line does not divide evenly into the spacing of your chisel/pricking iron, what do you do? Do you just leave that last stitch extra long/short? For example, let's say I'm using a 4mm spacing chisel. If the line I'm trying to stitch is 18mm, do you do four stitches at 4mm plus one at 2mm? Or do you do three stitches at 4mm, and two stitches at 3mm? Or there's some other better way to address this problem?
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