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  1. Well I got the Singer I have for free that's why I'm trying to work with it.
  2. Thanks for the replys!! A lot more to consider than I thought!! Really appreciate the help. The quest continues after more research!! I plan on sewing wallets and other items but wanted the worse case scenario (sheath). Would really like a Cobra 26 but not in the budget right now!
  3. I have an old Singer 29-4 tredle machine I'm getting going. I need some help on what I should use for a needle. I'm going to use this machine primarily for sheaths, so I'm gonna be running it at the limit of its ability! I've been trying to figure out how big of a needle, seem to be a lot of conflicting information. I've seen anywhere from 29-4 110 to 29-4 160 with a Chisel tip. I'm a noob to this stuff (obviously) and don't really know what I'm doing! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks everyone. I cut welt and glued it in. It came out ok, had I known the snaps weren't long enough I would have put it in prior to glueing and sewing it up. Live and learn!! Now I know!!
  5. Well I'm new at all of this I have a total of 4 sheaths and the little skiving knife case now. I'm getting better at this and learn more after every project. Case in point!! Next time it goes in first!! LOL!!
  6. Appreciate the help I cut the welt and slipped the base in banged ot down with the setting tool and reglued the whole mess! It's a case for my skiving knife. If it doesn't work I have the pattern I'll make another!
  7. I am new at this. Made a little case to protect the blade on my Skiving knife. I had 8-9 ounce leather so between the front back and welt it's very thick (I did skive the edge all around). I have a strap that is going to hold the knife into the case. I made the case prior to finding out they dont make longer pieces for the snaps.
  8. I need a snap to go through 3 layers of 9 ounce leather. I bought some snaps and the back for the Male part of the snap is not long enough. I was looking at the Tandy site and cant seem to find the answer to this question. This Newb thanks all in advance.
  9. Thanks you guys!! I appreciate the nice comments. Like I said hope to learn from everyone on here and improve my projects.
  10. Thank you for compliment on the knife I appreciate it. I'm going to try and load a couple more pics of Burnish and Back. The stiching on the back went a tad wonky in 1 spot but all in all my best to date.
  11. Hi all just started to make sheaths for my knives. I was making Kydex sheaths but some of the Hunters I make really deserve a nice leather sheath. Well one thing led to another and I started to make belts too. I plan on making Gun belts also. I have no clue what I'm doing but seem to enjoy it!! Obviously I hope to learn from the people on here. This is the 4th sheath I've made and I am starting to finally figure out the stiching. Which was horribly wonky on the last 3 sheaths I've made. I have also made a couple of belts. Everything I've done so far has been simple and utilitarian. I am really enjoying this little adventure so far. Let me know if I'm headed in the right direction with this. Thanks!!
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