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  1. Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to use Ammonium Chloride and a stamp (stencil or hand drawing) in order to create a maker's mark. I've seen this technique used in wood working. You mix Ammonium Chloride with water and apply it to the wood using a stamp or using a felt pen and drawing your mark. Then you would take a heat gun to heat it up and through a chemical reaction, the solution would burn into the wood and the mark would appear. I'm wondering if this is also possible with leather.
  2. I'm new to leatherworking and at times I accidentally get a small amount of guar gum or tokonole on the top side of the leather. It affects how much dye or oil is absorbed. What can I do to clean the leather? And what is the best method of keeping the top side clean in order to prevent unwanted residue or scuff mark?
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