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  1. sure I can do that, just trying to figure out how to resize the photos
  2. For sale is my techsew 2700 , I just do t have time to leather work anymore. Machine is in perfect working order, parts have been well maintained and oiled Local pickup Tulsa Oklahoma Asking $2000
  3. Hello! So I am wanting to make the switch to a machine from hand sewing. I mostly make wallets, book covers, bags etc.. I have a budget of around $2,000. I also would like to make guitar straps and belts. But I am not sure if the same machine will work for those. I realize that the thicker material would work best on a bigger machine and ideally you would have two machines to do both of these tasks. Given the budget, what would you all get and do? Machines for medium work I am looking at: CB-341 and the Techsew 2700 . I would like a cylinder head machine with a table attachment. I like to added flexibility of the cylinder head to get into tight spaces. Any recommendations?
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