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  1. No upholstery places around me, otherwise i most certainly would. Still looking around, but probably going to end up hand sewing it.
  2. I am in the US, Nebraska, so sadly couldn't pick up that one in the UK. I have glued the whole thing down, the stitching is for added securement. Couldn't find any adler, campbell and rand, or landus on eBay that came up with those part numbers. A couple of local ads popped up for a Singer 241-2 and a 78-1? Looks like there's a few posts about them on this forum, but make me feel like those aren't up to the task. I have a week and a half to find one, as I'm headed down to Kansas for work, will look around there too I suppose.
  3. Yeah been looking for a 132k6 to no avail. Theres so many makes and models i really just need a list of them. Or how model numbers denote sewing capacity.
  4. I’m in the US, i originally tried contact adhesive, 3M Super 77 but it never set up and the fabric was easy to pull off. This is for a roof of a car, so i glued it down with wood glue, which held really nicely, but would be more confident with a stich around the border, plus it would look nice. Maybe im using the wrong term, but im talking of a stiching awl that you put a bobbin of thread in. With predrillled holes i wouldnt be forcing the needle through, or in any way damage the needle.
  5. Darn was hoping one of those i had mentioned wouldve worked. I’ll keep an eye out for a 111, any other comparable machines? The awl method was with pre drilling, then chucking the awl for a lock stitch. epoxy glue would be very expensive, would it not? The piece is roughly 4.5’ x 7’. Thats a lot of glue.
  6. Yeah, i might do that. Had posted on another forum and someone recommended chucking an awl into a drill press. A pretty darn smart idea i might just have to do. A sewing machine would be really nice still though, but will look for used drill presses and fab something up for the awl.
  7. So I'm looking to attach cloth to 3/16" plywood. While I do realize this is a leather working sub, I figured the thick plywood would be more comparable to a leather working based sub rather than a sewing sub. Basically the cloth is a thicker fabric, and needs to be sewn with a thicker thread to 3/16" soft plywood. I'm looking for a sewing machine that will be up for the task. This is a one time use, maybe 80 feet of stitching. So the wear on the machine is negligible. I've found a couple of forum threads that mention some machines, but I am not familiar with sewing machines, and having not found any of the same models on ebay/market place/craigslist, so they're not of use to me. I'm looking for used, as this is a one time deal, and under $250. There's a ton of older industrial machines on eBay, but again, I'm not familiar with sewing machines, and details about sewing machines isn't really available on the internet. There's a few I've seen listed on eBay, that they show/say sewing through thick leather. Or are labeled as "Heavy Duty". Singers: 1036, 281-36, 66-18, 128, 329K, 237 Pfaff: 130 Kenmore: 148-530 Any of those seem up to the task? Or any I should look for, preferably on eBay under $250. I've tried hand stitching, predrilling a hole, and threading it, but it really irritates my carpal tunnel, but that might be what I have to end up doing, and perhaps con someone else into helping.
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