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  1. Thank you. We work by hand, hand-sewing, no machines, and I really appreciate the quality of veg tanned leather...
  2. Thank you very much. I can find tanneries online, but you never know what they produce until you visit them or until someone tells you about it. This is helpful!
  3. in Belgium, Antwerp. Good idea, I will! Thank you! I do know some tanneries in Belgium, but its always nice to get names of others. Its not easy to find exactly what you need, if you can't see or feel it.
  4. Hi there, Last year I got hired in a Waldorf highschool in Antwerp/Belgium to introduce leathercraft to young adults. A beautiful job and what they made was stunning. The only thing is that it is rather expensive for the school, since it's about 60 students/year making bags and wallets! I was wondering if anyone can tell me where I can find rather cheap vegetable tanned hides (1,00mm-3mm), maybe those that are not very wanted because of scars, discoloration and other marks? The more natural, the better, and mistakes are very welcome. Curious to hear from you! Bieke
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