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  1. Do you want to increase productivity and profits with a great snap machine that is easy to use, and built by a reputable company still in business? One pair (one female, one male) of fully automatic, electric powered, 20 line, snap setting machines for sale. These are older model machines manufactured by the Ho Hung Ming company in Taiwan (https://www.hohm.com). They have a US location at: Ho Hung Ming USA Enterprise, 13525 Alma Ave, Gardena, CA 90249, Phone: (310) 327-4847. I have inquired about these machines from Ho Hung Ming, and they say the machines are older, and parts are no longer inventoried. They do not have owners manuals and no record of the serial numbers. One of the advantages of these older machines is that they are simple mechanical machines built to last. Like an old car, they are easier to repair than newer ones. In 22 years, I have never needed to repair these machines. They still run like a beast. This forum only allows me to load one image, due to file size, but I have lot's of images, that I can email you. I also have some videos of me using the machines that I can send. I purchased the machines from Melanie Machine Company in Vernon CA 22 years ago. The machines have hoppers that hold about 500 snaps. I have used both machines a lot, and they have worked great for me with very minor problems. Occasionally, a mal-formed snap would get stuck in the raceway or throat. These parts are easy to detach and clean out with a tube brush. When a snap gets clogged in the throat, it has always been cleared free with a long nose screw driver. Maintenance is easy, with colored holes to indicate where to add oil. Both machines have locator lights, and come with a simple adjustable guide/gauge. I have cleaned the machines and had them serviced by a sheet metal company who smoothed out all dents and dings. They made and installed a new cover for the male snap machine. It is not painted. The machines are in great mechanical working condition, rust free, with some paint chipping away in small spots. The new owner is responsible for painting the machines. A simple centering gauge is included. The new owner is also responsible for transportation including cost to transport. I do not know how much the machines weigh, but they are very heavy and I am guessing 300 pounds each. I am asking $4,000 (plus 8.5% CA sales tax) for the machines in as is condition, and will consider all offers. The machines are in my storage unit in the mission district in San Francisco. I can show them to you and you are welcome to try them out. Again, these are for 20 line rings snaps, NOT 24 line.
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