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  1. Hi, thank you very much for the information! Good to know that it is ok, that the roller is a little bit off. Regarding the sharpness I will do what you recommended :-)
  2. Hi, I now got the 84. The blade came sharp, however not sharp enough to split veg. tan. Softer greased leather worked fine out of the box. I got one more question. I noticed that the roller is not 100% parallel to the blade on the vertical axis which seems to be not adjustable. I think it is maybe one millimeter difference on the whole blade length. Is this ok, or a problem? Test pieces seemed to be ok so far and I got the impression that the leather put inside would make it parallel. Thanks
  3. Thanks! I know these videos and this is also the shop I would probably buy from. Still, for me it is tough to decide which one is the splitter to go with.
  4. Thank you very much! The 84 is around 130$ more. Would you say, it is worth it? Also with the 84 the depth can be locked whereas with the 86a it cannot, right? Has the 84 any disadvantages compared to the 86a besides it costs more?
  5. Hi, I am just starting to work with leather as a hobby. I would like to buy a bench top splitter for splitting mainly bridle leather. The usage would be right now for belt ends and for raising leather with inlays. Here in Europe I already searched for splitters and mostly found the Osborne splitters. Has anyone experience with the 84 and 86A? To me it looks like the 86A is more modern whereas the 84 has a scale and can split wider. What splitter would you recommend? Thanks
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