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  1. This is helpful, I have a 111w101 machine with a needle bar that may need replaced. it has a juryrigged needle holding screw and no thread guide, do you know if the thread guide is necessary or will it operate fine without one? Many thanks, - Will
  2. willlisak

    Singer 97-10

    Just checking if this is still available, I'd be interested! I could have someone pick it up.
  3. Many thanks Wiz, I figured it would be more complicated than just hooking it up to a motor. I'll contact campbell, I'm just worried having them fix me up a setup might be out of my budget. all the best, - Will
  4. Hello to everyone, I've got a union lockstitch machine from an amish tack shop auction that is set up to run on overhead flat belt drive and I want to put it on a normal sewing machine table with electric motor and have a few questions about the process, as I've never done this before. 1. can I run this heavy machine off of a normal industrial sewing machine motor and a normal home electric outlet? 2. Can I run it off one of those new servo motors that can change the speed? 3. The balance wheel pulley is for a wide flat belt, can I find a wide belt pulley to go on a sewing machine motor instead of the Vbelt? If so, where? 2. do I need some kind of conversion setup between the flat belt and the v belt? Any help is much appreciated! - Will
  5. Hi There, I'm looking to track down a singer 97-10, with the wax pot and electric motor ideally. Also looking for a set of stitch sets for one of these. They replace the presser foot and allow for recessed stitching. I'm located in Vermont, but willing to drive for it! You can mail me at willlisak@gmail.com many thanks, - will
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