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  1. So with other words its better not to work with any kind of exotic leathers in UK ??
  2. Hello , i tried to find topic a out this but i could not (maybe there is one but im a bit bad with searching in forums ! So please forgive me if im spamming) my question is does e everyone have right to work with exotic leathers is it legal to do so ? by exotic i mean aligator and crocodile back and belly cobra skins , python , ostrich and so on ... is it okay to just buy some skins online make products and put them on for sale ? Or you need to obtain some special license to do so ???
  3. Hello everyone , im new in this forum , tried to find topics about junker £ ruh but didn’t find anything that answers to my problems . I bought 2 junker and ruh recently the plan was to buy one but after I couldn’t make it work i decided to buy second to see if the problem is in the machine or its in me ... i guess its in me .. my question is is there some one in this forum from UK ?? That have Junker and ruh and know how to use it and can show me some things ?
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