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  1. Thank you very much for this information. It is exactly what I needed. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and expertise with me.
  2. I recently purchased an old used Brother LS3-C54B-050 cylinder machine. I am using it on light leather, cloth bags/purses and canvas projects. I typically use an 18 to 20 needle and max thread is 92(Tex90). This is my first walking foot machine so I do not know if most feet are universal or not. I would like to purchase a replacement walking foot. I wanting a smoother foot for leather projects to help reduce the marring that occurs. I have seen left side and right side outer presser feet (i think that’s the right term). Even a piping foot :-). It may be that I only have the option the machine came with. And today as I was adding binding to a canvas Jeep top I thought a binding attachment would be nice and apparently that is possible for some walking foot machines. My stumble down the google rabbit hole lead me here. And my curiosity was tweaked as to other accessories that might be available for this machine. Searching using the Brother brand and model number brings up nothing. I assume this machine is a clone of a more popular name and I am hoping someone here can help me figure out how to search for part and accessories for this machine. Or can identify a vendor that maybe able to assist me.
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