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  1. Thanks for your help. It turned out to be the stitch length know after all. It was turned out all the way out. Adj it back to a 7 and works perfectly. I had looked at the manual that you referenced but really couldn’t make heads or tails out of it. I’ll spend a little more time with it and see if it makes more sense. Thanks again. Steve
  2. I just inherited a singer 111w113 from my mom. When I got it home the feed dog won’t feed material. Weird thing is that it was working at her house. I’m assuming that something is out of adj, however cannot find any info on how to ck machine or adj. Any advice would be appreciated. Steve
  3. I have an old singer 111w113. After getting it home and setting it up the feed dog won’t advance the material. Looked under plate on top right of machine and noticed a screw loose on the arm that actuates the feed dog mechanism. Need help figuring out how to set the cam to make the foot move. Any help would be appreciated. Steve
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