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  1. Hi all! I've been trolling these forums for advice as I worked my way through this project, but am excited to finally post one of my own! I've made smaller things like mug straps and drawstring bags before, but this is my first big project and also my first time tooling. I used a pattern from Yvonne Williams for a leather corset, but combined the front panels to have space for a bigger design. The serpent is derived from motifs I found online and altered to the shape of this panel. I used ecoflo gel antique for the dye applied with just my hands (gloved hands, of course). I have sort of an idea of what I'm doing, but would appreciate any critique or advice. Also, I do have a few questions! 1) It's too late now since I've already finished this part, but I was definitely struggling in some of the smaller areas so you can see where I beveled over a cut. Whoops. Any recommendations for tools to get into those crevices? My beveler is small but not that small (I don't know the brand or number of the tool is since I inherited these from my dad). 2) I'll have to take another photo once they're all dry, but I noticed the tooled panel turned out a shade darker than the rest of my panels even though they were all cut from the same piece, dyed the same, with the same number of coatings. Could this have been an affect from residual moisture? I left the tooled panel to dry before dyeing, but perhaps I was a tad impatient... 3) As for putting the pattern together, the original guide used rivets, but I prefer the look of hand sewn. From what I've seen, many people cement before they sew, but given that the panels will be at curved angles to fit a human waist, I don't think I'll be able to get the cement to set correctly. Can I sew without it? Thanks for your help! I appreciate any and all advice, even not in response to those specific questions. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out! (And will post updates along the way ^.^)
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