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  1. Thanks for the replies. The strap cutter does look like one route to go. I have now also seen the use of clicker dies. Would that also be an option? I have made many one off strops, some single sided and some double sided. I have used latigo, horse but and others. I have found the key is to case the leather first rolling the leather to get really firm and to bring the silicates to the surface. I also yesterday made one using cardboard and it worked very well. https://westernactive.com/honey-badger-knives/cardboard-strop/ Sorry for the SoCal reference. I am in San Diego, Southern California.
  2. Hi, I have made a few strops using various types of leather both with a without compound and they have worked very well. I have a small pocket knife business and would like to supply strops to those who wish to maintain the edges on their knives. I want to make 100 or so to test the market. What type of equipment would I need to cut leather into about 2.5” x 8” pieces. The ultimate size will be based on what size wood I can get to glue them on that would require the least amount of machining. Another option I guess would be to have someone handle this for us. We are based in SoCal. Looking forward to your suggestions. Thanks.
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