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    Buenos Aires - Argentina
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    Archery -Play music - Outdoors - Learning leather- canvas working. Sewing machines

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    Learning leather-canvas bags
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    All about leather and sewing machines
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    Asking Google

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I always love leather, but other interests, mainly archery, kept it latent. Already retired as a lawyer, a permanent back pain greatly limited my movements and trips. That, I think, helped to awaken, about 18 months ago, what is now a passion : the process to learn how to make leather and canvas bags,  bag design,  some hat, etc. Also he operation of sewing machines, all it adjustments, tuning, etc. I enjoy the difficult learning path about leather, cutting, sewing, designing, patterning,  which requires the development of many new and different skills. I feel to be at the beginning of a path of countless possibilities of learning, developing creativity, and doing things that "fit" my desires that are still unclear, but that struggle to get out. It is just for fun. Finding this forum (a bit late for some issues) has been very helpful.

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