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  1. Hi all, my name is Jan I am a 50 y.o. big boy from Spain, and this story starts about a 14th moths ago, when I went to a nice shop and I saw whats seems to me the most beautiful wallet of my live (a very nice leather wallet), for just 70 or 80 € more or less, but like an idiot I thought, OMG it is very expensive and I say to me, I can do that!!!. That's the beginning of the "most expensive wallet on my life" journey, jajaja. One year later, I am addicted to leathercraft, and I think that I have already expended by far more than a thousand euros on "my wallet". On the bright side of life, now I have a new hobby, at least, jejeje. As my career on leathercraft it is very short I'm going to show my works from the very beginning one year ago until today, I am not very proud of it, but they are like my sons, jejeje, please note that my work could hurt sensitivities... My others passions are motorbikes, motorhomes and mountains... Take care and sorry for my bad english :-( Jan
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