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  1. I have a protex ty 3300 hoping someone can tell me how to make the presser foot higher to allow for more layers to go under ? My machine tec did change it last time he was here but am wanting it to go higher. I didn’t quite see which screw he loosened or tightened under the machine where the knee lift is. sorry I couldn’t upload a photo cause it tells me the file is to large. :l like every other photo I try to upload on here.
  2. I have a protex ty 3300 i have just been able to find a foot for it that may work!! Let’s hope! Thank you, will check these out!
  3. I have a protex ty3300 she is fabulous with layers but as soon as I go from stitching few layers down to maybe one, the foot gets stuck on the ‘ridge’ sometimes it had torn the leather also. It makes the stitches uneven and I have to try pull it out. how can I stop this from happening ?
  4. I am new to working with leather. I have made many handbags but have only just started using leather and vinyl. I bought an industrial walking foot machine as I will be making a lot in the near future for a company. But I’m having issues with getting close to zipper teeth. I tried to take off a part of the foot but the machine didn’t like that!! Does anyone have any tips for me please? Need to get quite close.
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