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  1. On the initial adjustment I only loosened the bushing and tapped it into place with a drift. It felt right after that. This made me strip it down and clean it all up. It got worse after that. My only thoughts are did I A: bend something getting the bush out B: it's just a bit oil starved. But it's a bit of new mechanical system to me and I'm not familiar with the what feels right or not Funnily enough I did tighten the hand wheel after that though. It felt as though there was a lot of lateral play the way it was. I just nipped it to remove the play.
  2. So I've been tinkering the the last couple of days. The hook the needle position was definitely out so I adjusted that and by proxy reset the hook timing. I also by proxy had to shift the bush back in a bit to allow the hook to move where I wanted it. My issue now is that the machine is binding up quite a lot. I've stripped right back. Removed the bush fully, cleaned, polish and oiled the whole assembly...still tight. Take the bush out, machines cranks like it used to. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks Constabulary the manual is amazing. So many answered questions that I've wondered since owning the machine. Lots to look at this weekend so I will definitely report back. My guess would be that needle-hook distance is definitely wrong. I don't think the machine was ever serviced by the previous owner. I cleaned a few tonnes of horse hair out of it and have had to make and repair a few parts on it so far. One thing from reading the manual I noticed was the bobbin loading (p7 fig 17). They say left to right. The picture is how I have it and it's the same on all my other machines but in my head I would describe that as right to left. It just confused me and made me question if I had actually loaded it properly?
  4. Hi there, First post so apologies if I do something wrong. I'll be brief to save an essay but I can provide more info if people need. MACHINE: 132k10 (Scottish made '42) NEEDLES: 23, 26 (and a smaller than 23, not sure off the top of my head) THREADS: 20s, 10s, 8s (138, 277, 346) ISSUE(S): 1. Hook is defecting needle in normal operation. Needle is installed correctly. 2. Thread catches between the bobbin case and retention arm/spring (name?). Less noticeable with thinner thread but is audible and noticeable with thicker stuff. Not sure if this is normal for tensioning but seems to create a fair bit. 3. Occasionally a large loop of top thread is created that actually loops over the outer hook body, I'm guessing this is where the big lock ups are occurring. I guess that sometimes it slips off and carries on sewing and others it's jams. The machine appears to be in time and tensioned correctly (minus some very fine tuning). It will sew, and sew a pretty stitch but then it goes wrong, randomly. It makes a hollow "clunk". Vaguely similar to noise if you rattled the bobbin case inside the hook. This happens on the upstroke at the same time the tension becomes almost solid from the upper thread. Resulting in a mess on the backside. Chop and reset, sews fine again until...repeat above. It seems to happen regardless but more frequently if I cross over stitching and/or raise the presser to foot to rotate the work (needle in the BDC position). Threading and tension is right to my knowledge but I'm open to scrutiny on that. I've tried with the single and double wrap on the main tension (as per a YouTube video). Runs better with the double. This was the short version, sorry.
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