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  1. File size limit restricts even posting one of the pictures I have for the project. I guess something is better than nothing for now.
  2. Hello everyone, Just want to introduce myself and say thanks to everyone that posts on here. I just started leatherworking and got a lot of info from here to help finish a briefcase that I made as a Christmas gift. Shown here is my first project. Leather: Tandy craftsman oak veg-tanned 6/7 oz Liner: Gray Chanille fabric with 2mm eva padding. Dye: Tandy Sunshine Yellow Thread: Tandy waxed cord in blue Finish: NF, Aussie, Resolene pictures: https://imgur.com/a/zC5s1CU sorry for the poor quality, forgot to take pictures before I gifted it so I had to use my cell phone. Next up is a tote bag, working on the template now. Cheers and Happy New Year!
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