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  1. Must be true, although i don't get the point. The ratio of the motor pulley and the machines one can vari greatly. It may be out of the controllers range with the reducer, but most servos have a pretty detailed parameter list to be configured. I hope this thread wil be on surface cuz it would be great to have some manuals linked in one place.
  2. I have an ESDA servo system with needle positioner. After installing a speed reducer pulley the needle positioning stopped working. Im pretty familiar with motor control systems but i just cant figure out the menu opions on this one. I have found the manufacturer but no luck on the support page http://www.esdamotor.com/en/product/?143_607.html Anyone have some documentation for these?
  3. I have found this really old Pfaff rotary machine on sale from a shed rusted to dead stiff when i was looking for my first leather sewing machine. The state of the machine was a big turndown for the first time but it was a complete time capsule from an old shoemakers shop so i could not resist to make a deal on it and try to get it working again. The artwork on the machine is hand painted i think with shellac base and pigment and over the years the laquer turned into a solid layer with the oil residues. If anyone has pictures of similar paintjobs any help would me much appreciated. I think it was a rare option when the machine was new and i cant really find any pictures on the net what i could use for reference so its not going to get painted for now.
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