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  1. Laurence (Amateursewing): I just purchased a Pfaff 34-4 and have been looking for information on the machine, including a user's manual, and came across your post from several years ago. While my machine is (much) different from the photos of yours, I thought you might know where I can find a manual and other basic information on the machine. For example, my version of the 34-4 has a roller foot and I would like to be able to install a more standard straight stitch foot, and have no idea if that is possible and, if so, what foot would fit. I also noticed that at the time you posted a query, (8 years ago), you were living in Amsterdam. I live elsewhere in the Netherlands and come frequently to Amsterdam, and thought it might be possible sometime to meet us and share experiences with the Pfaff 34. Thanks, Nick
  2. CustomDoug: Did you ever find a manual for the Pfaff 34? I am now searching for one and having similar difficulty in finding one. Thanks.
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