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  1. Thank you for your replies. I really to appreciate it. This machine does not have reverse, but that isn’t a big deal for me. I really do enjoy sewing with it. I put a servo motor on it with a smaller pulley. Nothing like sewing with a piece of history. Every time someone comes over and see’s the 111, they always comment on it. Hope all is well. -Jacob
  2. I hope all of you had a good Holiday Season. I recently started sewing and found out that I needed a larger sewing machine. I am sewing Cordura and the Heavy Duty Singer 4411 I bought is coming up a bit short. I bought a Singer 111w103 and have been reading on this forum about the machine and machines like it. I have found that my machine doesn't have the clutch on the timing gear that new generations of the 111w have. I was wondering if I could put the clutched gear into my machine to protect it from damage? If it is possible is it worth it? I look forward to reading your replies. -Jacob
  3. I just bought a 111w103 machine. I have been looking through older posts, and there is a lot of great information here. It seems this is the best place to find information regarding these machines. I was wondering if it would be beneficial to put a clutched timing gear in my machine to protect it from damage from thread backing up into the bobbin case. I am somewhat new to sewing, but I am mechanically inclined. I want to thank you for your time and help with this. I am at work, so I cant register now. When I get home I will register, as this site has a wealth of information regarding sewing and older machines. -Jacob
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