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  1. I have no way to test them, they are 600km away from me and will be delivered by courier. So I have to choose not seeing in person. Assuming that they are not midified and are in same spec. as left the factory, which one is more suitable to sew shoe or boot upers, "AL" or "BL?
  2. Hello, I am e new member, but I was lurking a long time. I was able to find answers to my questions in this forum in the past, but this time I couldn't find, so thats my first topic. I am planing to buy my first sewing machine to sew shoe and boot uppers. I have found two options near me both Pfaff 471, one is with letters "AL" and other "BL", from what I have found out "L" means leather "A" means lightweight materials and "B" means medium-weight materials. So my question is in which category shoe and boot uppers fall in, lightweight or medium-weight category sewing machine? By the way "AL" is newer and "BL" is older machine in the photos. Thank You, Slepsnys
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