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  1. Hi Uwe, I attempted to replicate the thread dropping just as you did in your video, sure enough that is how the thread is falling under the hook, I will adjust the timing this evening in attempt to minimize the slack. Following your instruction I will retard the timing just slightly to make the tip of the hook arrive at the needle a little bit later, hopefully holding the thread taught and preventing it to drop below the hook. Can you elaborate on the full shim ring which you installed on the hook? Maybe with a photo? Thanks again, Sean
  2. Wow thank you Uwe, Your videos and instructions are definitely the best on the internet, I really appreciate the help. The change in timing does make sense in solving this issue. I recorded a few clips of the machine so you can see the machine in action. It looks like the thread hangs under the material a little too long, the take up lever maybe not quick enough to take away the slack? Hopefully my videos contain what you are after. https://youtu.be/pGU9djvwl2s https://youtu.be/reM8LoyWmJI Best, Sean
  3. Hello, I am new to this forum, but have been using it as my main resource since purchasing a used Juki LU-563N a while ago from auction. The machine's timing was very out and I have spent many hours making adjustments and fine tuning to where the machine works near perfect. Unfortunately I am still having an issue where the thread is getting stuck under the hook and the machine breaks the thread. It happens usually on the second rotation and creates a real mess of thread on the bobbin side of my project. I have reached out to Juki directly for the engineers manual, confirmed the timing is accurate and set the thread tension correctly. I'm using a #69 thread and size 21 needle. I have attached a photo of the thread bind I am experiencing, the green circle shows the path it takes before the machine binds and breaks the thread. After spending lots of time researching this forum on my machine I came across this thread https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/80732-juki-563-not-enough-tension/ And notices the different styles of Hook's. My machine has the has the B1830-563-BA0 Hook (heavy thread) without the little finger. I believe this little finger might be the missing piece to my puzzle, it looks like it would prevent the thread from getting trapped under the hook and I'm using fairly light thread so the lighter hook assembly should work better. I was hoping I could get some advise on the next steps to get my machine running smoothly again. I was hoping I could order just the little "Hook Gib" Part but it looks like there are other part changes between these style hooks. The part B1830-563-0A0 sells for around $300 from my Juki dealer, But I have also found cheaper alternatives online (replica parts) Could this little hook gib be my problem or should I go about replacing the entire hook assembly? Any insight is greatly appreciated as I am at a stand still in this repair and I'd like to get sewing again. Thank you, Sean
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