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  1. File sizes are too big to post. Let me know if you’d like pictures please!
  2. I have been out of the leather business for about a year. I have some remaining sides from when I did work. All have been stored rolled, and completely covered in paper, in a climate controlled room. I will list them one by one and then provide pictures if I can due to file size. For the Wickett and Craig I have my original receipts direct from the tannery if proof of tannery is requested. Total price for the lot is $300 plus you pay actual shipping. PayPal preferred. F&f or you add 3%. Located in Stanly County NC if interested in local pickup. 1. 5oz Wickett and Craig Veg tan. Large scar in the middle I intended to use on a satchel but never did. Cool character. 6’ long, approx 3’ at widest. 2. 3oz Wickett and Craig Veg Tan. 5’ long, approx 3’ at widest. 3. 3oz Wickett and Craig English Bridle in dark brown. Beautiful, beautiful leather for wallets and such. 4. Tandy leather blue light special. Veg Tan. About 3oz thick. Little less than 4’ long and maybe 2’ wide. 5. Pig skin lining leather. Bonded epically to the veg tan with wood weld for wallet liners and such. Little less than 4’ long and maybe 2’ wide.
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