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  1. Thank you! I’ll try that! I’m using it on straps that are veg tanned and still very porous
  2. Hi guys- I am making bags with Kodiak leather and the straps I am using are finished, but must be veg tanned bc they are absorbing oil spots from the Kodiak. I was thinking I should just put some sort of oil on the strap to even out the color and prevent more splotches. Any recommendations on oil or other solutions? I really would like to use the straps I have. Thanks in advance!!
  3. Got my dp x 16 needles sizes 18, 20, 21 worked like a charm!!!! (They didn’t have 19). When I had to add another layer or two I just went up to the sz 21. Wizcraft, I will try the tape as well. So far I have been sewing without glue or tacking. As things get more complicated I will need to. Thank you for the recommendation! Seriously, I can not thank you all enough for your help and support as I am just starting off in this hobby and as you all know there is a A LOT to leant. You are all fantastic!!!!!!!
  4. Thank you both for your help! I ordered through wakwak. I don’t know what I would do without leatherworker.net!
  5. THANK YOU! ordering some now! Do you recommend titanium?
  6. Thank you!!! That would explain a lot!! I am sewing leather so should I still get the dp x17 (135x17)?
  7. First, thank you ALL! I have started making, and even selling, small leather goods in large part because you all take time to help one another out! Grateful for all of you and you expertise! I have been trying to figure out what my thread is fraying…here is my situation: using a consew p1206rb, size 19 needle, sz 92 cowboy brand thread (shout of to Bob in Toledo ), sewing two layers of 4-5 oz kodiak leather. So far I have… -rethread top and bobbin several times, tried new bobbin, changed needles, took smooth sanding cloth to the bobbin hook, adjusted the tension(tried sewing at about ever tension)…still struggling. Need to fresh ideas! Do I need to use heavier thread? I like the look of the thinner thread. Advice welcomed! Thanks in advance!!!
  8. You guys are all awesome!!! Every bit of information I can collect is very valuable and highly appreciated! Thank you for your time!
  9. Thank you. I am sorry I didn’t see the topic. I also couldn’t figure out how to delete one of me previous posts.
  10. Hi there! First, thank you to all of the people who regularly post and share their knowledge and experience. This is a great resource. I am new to leather working and preparing to buy my first machine. I mostly make leather wallets, clutches/bags/purses and some watch bands. I am over the poor stitch quality of a domestic machine ruining my projects. I have the opportunity to buy a Juki 562 for about $700 (but think I would need to put a servo in it) or a used Juki 1508ns. Also looking at the consew 206. I am apprehensive to spend well over $1000 having never used an industrial machine. Any advice? I work on small projects so I don’t know how concerned I should be about the small bobbin on the 562. Thanks in advance!
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