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  1. I should correct my thought by saying "might not be sequential" instead of "must not be". because of course it is possible, but would be an amazing coincidence.
  2. Not to belabor this topic, but I just realized that both the stamped numbers on our machines end in "866", which means the serial numbers must not be sequential. The 866 must refer to something in common, perhaps the year, or a design change?
  3. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Uwe. I too noticed that all the really old machines were black in the pics I found. The machines are still a marvel of engineering no matter how old they are.
  4. Interesting. I've looked all over the body of the machine and don't see another no. stamped anywhere. Your's does look a little newer than mine, but hard to believe mine could be that much older.
  5. Just out of curiosity... I found a site with Pfaff history and a list of serial numbers and years of production. The chart dated my machine from 1902! Can anyone confirm this? I new it was an "older " model but it's hard to believe it can be 119 years old and still working so well.
  6. Thanks again, Uwe. Downloaded that copy of the manual. The copy I had before didn't have that information. The videos were very helpful.
  7. Made the changes and it's working great. Thanks again. Is there a service manual for this machine? I have a downloaded copy of the owners manual but it doesn't go into much detail about servicing the machine.
  8. Thanks so much, Uwe. Looking at the machine, and rotating the wheel, I see what you mean. I'll try that with the longer needle.
  9. Hey y'all. I found this forum while searching for info on my recently purchased Pfaff 545 H4 machine. I bought it from an upholsterer who had it as an extra machine. He demonstrated iy and it ran well. I have used it for awhile and when I went to order needles for it I realized that the manual specifies 190R needles due to the height capabilities of the H4. All the needles that came with the machine, including the one currently being used are 134-35 needles, which are shorter. When I tried to replace it with the 190 size, the machine will not pick up the bobbin thread. After reading ob this forum. I assuming that the timing was changed to accommodate the shorter needles. I guess my question is should I attempt to change the timing to fit the 190 needles or just continue to use the shorter ones? As for as the height, I am not using supper thick materials, at least not yet. I'm just wondering if the machine would work better with the manufacturer recommended needles. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Don Memphis
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