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    Making stuff in metal, wood, textiles, and anything else...
  1. It wasn't the hook it was the needle, and I got it sorted after some trickery. I can't seem to edit the original post, though... And yeah, great patchers. I've sold two (including this one today) and both has been great, after some messing about, getting them to sew well again.
  2. So I'm in need for a new shuttle for a Claes RPX-2. (same as for Claes 200-2 and Claes 20) I messaged both Claes in Germany and some local suppliers, but it seems these are very pricey, so I thought I'd ask if anyone knows if any of the Singer 29k subclasses has a compatible shuttle? That should likely be way cheaper... And I'm in Sweden, so any tips on where to get one should preferable be within EU to get away from import charges, etc...
  3. It's 81. And I haven't found anyone in Europe offering 81 needles aside from size 90 which is a bit to small to be very useful. And here are some pictures and a demo video. https://photos.app.goo.gl/kayQktM8KSnmLwe5A
  4. Nadel 81. Good you brought this up. Any tips on replacement needles? As in, is there a more common needle close enough in size to be usable? I don't have any 81 needles so running it with a 135x17 mounted low right now. Sews like a dream, but pretty far from an optimal solution, haha...
  5. No clue on the subclass, I haven't found any markings on it, but it's one of the smallest bobbins I ever seen, though a bit taller than the Singer 29 ones, I think. As for shipping, this machine was imported from Germany through Poland on a pallet with 3 other leather machines, haha, so shipping is a non issue. It was bought for resale.
  6. Sounds about what I get, so it is what it is, then. Any ideas where to get bobbins and/or bobbin case for this model? Else I got some milling, lathe work and soldering ahead of me...
  7. Here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/69e1qLTaMdGQ444J8 And I made a leather block for the stitch adjuster, though not in these pictures. Only thing is max stitch length seems to be 5mm while the stitch length adjuster is between 0 and 10mm. Not sure why it maxes out at 5 - even with the leather block removed, thus allowing the accentric thingie to its lowest position...
  8. Yeah, noticed the block was missing, made one a so now it works. :D
  9. Edit: Solved. It looks like I'm missing some kinda rubber spacer thingie on the back. I need to understand the stitch length adjuster on the Claes patcher. On the one I have here I can only conclude it doesn't work, but I haven't been able to figure out how it works, mechanically, and it's hard to fix what I don't understand.
  10. Yeah, I'm ready to give up on it for the Pfaff 545. It's just annoying as I have so much if it, but I just can't spend more time fighting this.
  11. Btw, thread in all forms, beyond the domestic stuff, is really hard to source in Sweden. We really don't have a sewing industry here, so availability is very limited and what's available is very expensive.
  12. I'm not that read up on thread, to be honest, but I get what you mean. That being said, comparing it to Gutermann thread I use without problem in the 545, the PolyArt thread isn't more elastic - but it's way more keen to split/unwind than the Gütermann thread is. You'd also think that, if that was the problem, it would differ a lot through the range of tension, right? Lower or higher overall tension (as in, both bottom and top) would make a big difference, and it doesn't... And funny enough, this is the most popular heavy thread offered by our biggest industrial sewing machine supplier here and they've carried this product for over 10 years. If this was a common issue, you'd think they would write something on their info page on it, but no... So friggin baffling, this.
  13. No, this is vinyl and sewn with ballpoint needles. But I get this issue with other materials as well.
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