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  1. Thank you. I appreciate it. I guess it is quite intuitive not to go with multi-purpose tools if I am planning to do leatherworking professionally. However, a point I forgot to mention in the original post is if the material/thickness of the creaser tongue would permit a reasonable creasing effect.
  2. Hi forum. I am brand new to leather working trying to finish up my four-month tool research. I have been trying to look into hot creasing quality I can possibly expect from a groover-creaser sets like that of Kyoshin Elle Pro stitching groover creaser. Obviously, I want to cut down costs a bit, but my main concern with a multi-purpose tool like the creaser-groover set of, say, Kyoshin Elle is whether or not the creaser is heatable on an alcohol lamp. Please note that every single comment/hint would be immensely helpful for me, as I am new to leathering and there is next to zero info on the net about this. Thank you
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