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  1. I wasn't aware that my question was vague. How might I expound upon it? I simply need suggestions for quality beginner hand tools that won't fail on me and will have optimal edge retention and dependable construction appropriate to leather crafting. I'm not looking for specialty tools yet. Thanks for reaching out.
  2. I intend to make bushcrafting type carry pouches and sheaths. Axe handle guards, dump pouches, saw holders, sewing kit pouches, etc. I'll diversity from there depending on what I enjoy making the most, and what sells. I just need basic tools for now to whet my appetite. I appreciate the suggestions, truly. Eager to hear anything more you might have to offer.
  3. I'm at square one- watched a few videos. Decided that in addition to my life on the road bit off the back of my motorcycle, I'd like to supplement my income to some meager extent with some good ol' fashioned hand-tooled leather products. I've had two of my own semi-professional crafting businesses, so I'm fairly adept when it to crafting and artistic expression. This is NOT a passing phase, but a practical decision based off of my love for hand making things, and what would be the most realistic crafting I can do from the back of a motorcycle. I am in desperate need of advice for quality hand tools to get me started. I've looked on Amazon and a couple other places and all I can seem to find is junk or suppliers that are expensive, yet who I won't commit to for my general lack of leatherworking knowledge and what makes for trusted tools within the leatherworking community. What would you say are the tools that are most trusted for leatherworking? I'm willing to do minimal tooling and stamping, but my primary concern is for QUALITY basics for now. Thank you kindly one and all for any help and direction that's provided. I'm eager to start this new journey in my ongoing journey!
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