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  1. Thanks Bruce and Fred. I actually have both at hand -the heat gun and turpentine to have at it. Looks like the heater wires have been cut. She was locked up something tight, but a little oil and some patience and now she seems to be trucking along nicely. Goes to show -“She ain’t working/ She’s broken” is not always the case.
  2. Hello all, I picked up a vintage American Straight Stitcher upright model. This has a single wax pot at the top. It’s a sticky gunky mess of old brown wax. Any hints on cleaning this well enough for adding new fresh lubrication? I’ve been picking it out thus far. Thanks. Chris
  3. A break model K with an mini wheel.Functional with the original Landis keys and awls and needles. It needs a good cleaning and a belt. A bargain by some standards but not necessarily a steal. A good winter project. Still holding out for a Model L
  4. FS New Old Stock 1 box of 100, 10 packs of 10 Goodyear Rapid Awls #50 1 box of 100, 10 packs of 10 Goodyear Rapid Needles #52 Asking $50 each box plus shipping. From an estate close out. None of my machines can use these.
  5. Hey Glenn, here’s a photo. Have been told scarce to see one. No indicator that I can find marking it as an hydraulic model. I may need to call Landis. Please take a look.
  6. Hello all, In a liquidation I have the opportunity to acquire another Landis K. Why buy another? Well maybe one side seaming and another for soles. Here, the kicker. It has a single smaller rotation wheel on the left. I thought it was missing the right wheel. Turns out it is a hydraulic version. Go figure. I didn’t know it existed. Any tips on these maintenance wise? Pros. It works. Cons. Not all parts are interchangeable with mechanical version. Pros. Has all the keys, many needles, awls, thread, liquid etc. Pros. More powerful? More torque? Pro/Con only 60 miles away. Pro/Con probably can get under 8 bills. Cons. Typical back breaker but I’ve learned a few tricks for transport. Pros. I’m probably the only one in the area who wants it, can use it and take care of it. Cons. I’m finding nothing online about hydraulic versions. Cons. Before seeing it and the condition I was also considering it for straight backup parts. Not so much the case now. Any feedback most appreciated! Thanks.
  7. I may need the shoe guide replaced. Pilgrim in Mass seems to be permanently closed. Any leads on the more intricate parts would be greatly appreciated. Also considering getting a donor K, opinions on going that route? Thanks.
  8. Ok, so the new puppy must have thought the leather band was a pupperoni treat and took some chewing to it. So now the band is short. I have replaced the leather band when the length of the entirety is worn but have the old one a a guide for length cut, easy enough. Double checking with you all here on cutting a new band the proper length, not too long, ok, too short, on no! Would running string looping the circuit between the wheels work for measure twice cut once method? This Landis K has the rear spindle at ground level. So when facing the K it is the left side hand wheel going down to the spindle wheel. Thank you in advance for any tips. Chris
  9. Hello all, We picked up a vintage model H Champion 5in1 for a song. It will do until a Landis upgrade comes along. It came with a metal 5 ft high stand with a two foot wide dome base if that makes sense as a stand alone. Kind of a monster setup as a base. The selling estate had the space. Us, not so much. Would be appreciated on ideas and setups for this in smaller workshops, maintaining stability etc. pics would help immensely! Thank you.
  10. Hello all, I thought I would share some quick photos of Santa Fe Opera stove pipe cowboy boots W8D made by the misses Jes Marquez. Heels, welts and soles remain. This is her 15th pair under journeyman status. Sadly, due to the pandemic, the original client will not be able to take possession nor complete the sale. So we have to find a new client. Upside is W8D will fit a wider section but downside is opera is kind of niche. It was thought out as tongue in cheek to say Nashville type boots. We are considering approaching the SFO but may give it a go on eBay and see what happens. Thanks for looking.
  11. With her permission posting this here. Lock, stock and barrel. No parting out at this time. Equipment is in Abq. NM. Thanks.
  12. Posting this here with her permission. Noted bookmaker Deana McGuffin says she is ready for a new chapter. Lock, stock and barrel at this time. The main house property fs as well. This is in the South Valley of Abq. NM.
  13. Hello all, Just heard that noted custom cowboy boot maker Deana McGuffin is selling her shop equipment as a whole and the house property as well. No parting out at this time. Lock, stock and barrel. She said she is ready for a new chapter in her life. The big stuff has been well maintained. The house is very nice with a rear rental. This is in the South Valley of Abq. With her permission I am posting this here on LW. More real eyeballs here that can actually pull the trigger on a massive acquisition like this. Even if that pool seems to be shrinking. Thanks.
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