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  1. It is a Cobra Class 4, not sure how old exactly, probably 10 years. Still works great. Yes there are lots of hand tools cutting mat, sharpening stone, mauls, even a drill press with sanding drums and edging tools.
  2. I used to make and sell holsters but can no longer do so. I have most everything you need to get started making holsters, snap-on, pancake. IWB, and belt. I did this business out of my basement. Some of the highlights are a Cobra Class 4 sewing machine, Custom made press that I use as a clicker with my custom cut out dies to cut the holsters and belts. Cut out dies for all the holsters that I offered( this alone was several thousand dollars). Blue gun molds for most handguns. Many leather hides and tools and consumables. If you are interested we can talk about all the items and I could provide a more complete inventory. I would be willing to take a few hours to show the process of making holsters for the right offer. I am located in Omaha Nebraska so you would need to pick up locally. I am not interested in separating out at this time. $4000.00 This could be separated out and sold off piece by piece for more money if someone had the time. I can provide a lot more pictures of the holsters and equipment on request.
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