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    Hot air ballooning

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    Repairing or replacing trim and scuff leather on balloon baskets
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    Awl and needle stitchers
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    FB Vintage Industrial Sewing Machine group

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I started crewing for a hot air balloon owned by a coworker in 1985. I started pilot training in 1990 and earned a commercial pilot certificate in 1992. I helped friends in their FAA repair stations, and obtained a repairman certificate and transferred repair station ownership and its repair station certificate in 2000. In 2006 I moved the station to Oregon. I own the only FAA Part 145 Repair Station for Hot Air Balloons in Oregon.  I have several industrial sewing machines. I repair and inspect all parts of a balloon system. Scuff leather (typically ranging from 5 oz blacksmith leather to 8 to 12 oz latigo) or rawhide is used at the bottom edges of the basket. Suede, cordura, or smooth leather are used for accessories, basket top edge trim, and hose or upright covers.

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