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  1. Hi all, I have a few sets of what is basically a clone of the Juki 441, very well built and works great. I bought several of these from overseas, kept one for myself and have the remainder left to sell, still new in their boxes. I currently have it up on eBay for $2100, if anyone here wants one I'll take $200 off the price. Shipping is an additional $200 since it'll be shipped in 3 separate boxes and its about 200lbs total. Here's a link to the eBay listing, please let me know if you have any questions: Juki 441 Clone eBay listing I was only able to attach one picture of the sewing machine here, the rest of the pictures are at these links: https://ibb.co/fQh99pV https://ibb.co/yfJtjfZ https://ibb.co/3pc4XBq https://ibb.co/syYwvB3 https://ibb.co/wQNSpTn https://ibb.co/GVbkFKR https://ibb.co/wB2ftyZ https://ibb.co/Z2FfL1p https://ibb.co/6N8p0fg https://ibb.co/ZYxSz64 https://ibb.co/LZwpN3w https://ibb.co/YjbdK6k https://ibb.co/87WrWW4 https://ibb.co/P6TwhHy https://ibb.co/wR9kVG7
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