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  1. That's awesome Dwight! Thanks for the info. I thought there was a line you'd cross where it would get TOO dry. Sounds like TOO dry isn't a concern.
  2. Okay, I'm assembling too quickly I think. Probably in the 3-5 minute window. I know if I've accidently brushed it with my finger, it sticks and drags the leather piece wherever my hand was headed. I'll try waiting 15+ minutes and the touch-test to see if I can get diff results. Thanks all!
  3. Thanks for the tips. I'm using Renia Aquilim 315. It's a water based contact cement. How long do people let their chosen contact cement dry before assembly?
  4. I'm brand new to leather work. I've created 2 wallets and 3 belts. My belts I love the edges of after burnishing. My wallets however have little bits of gummy residue. It's obviously the rubber cement I'm using to glue them together. I sand the edges long after assembly and stitching, so the glue has had plenty of time to dry. Am I not letting the glue dry enough on the individual pieces prior to assembly? How long do people let their glued pieces dry prior to assembling them? Thanks!
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