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  1. Thanks for the reply, im aware there's decent information about the SD28 out here and a tiny bit on the Nr22, though this machine is neither of those i think. Price per needle isn't cheap but it could be worse i guess haha, don't expect to break one daily. Kind regards, T Middelbosch It is indeed! Mechanically still very smooth too considering it's age. Kind regards, T Middelbosch
  2. Hello everyone, i recently got my hands on a Junker & Ruh machine in very good and seemingly complete condition. Though i haven't been able to identify the machine nor have i been able to find a single picture of the same one. The closest i could find is the one from this older post: https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/54393-junker-ruh-nr-22-sd28-adjustment/?tab=comments#comment-348313 Though that machine is still a lot different then mine. My machine doesn't seem to have a clear model stamped anywhere. Though it has: 'S 918' engraved on the smaller circle in the first picture. Also it seems like there's a 7 stamped into the metal right next to the big metal flap(spring?) on second picture. The machine seems in very good condition though i haven't been able to sew anything (most likely because of my own incompetence hahah). It seems to use the same curved needle the Nr22 and SD28 use. Is there anyone that knows some more about this machine? Kind regards, T Middelbosch
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