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  1. Thanks to both of you. I did as you recommended, first stitch broke the take up spring and with a little bending I created a new one out of an old spring. Together I've got a perfect stitch. I'm sure it was the tension adjustment ! I didn't even need the Blue Moon or Chianti.
  2. Another beginner from Northern CA., Sacramento to be specific. Just barely out of the usual humongous fires area but I do have the borate bombers flying over for refuel. Anyway I started leather work by making journals and selling them at arts & crafts faires. Now with Covid keeping me indoors for a year with lots o' leather and no outlet, I've branched out into apparel. Wallets, purses, belts and other small items. I retired a few years ago and this has been my way to stay out of bars and off the streets. Plus it gives me time with my daughter, she helps me make, sell the leather and usually takes the really good stuff. Such is family! Anyway I have trolled the forum for some time and appreciate the contributions. Thanks, Richard B.
  3. Another newbie here. I started leather working after I retired to stay out of bars & off the streets. After buying a Weaver Cub I'm ready to head back to the bars! I make wallets, journals and other personal apparel. I thought purchasing a leather sewing machine would make my life easier. Yeah sure. After a month of working with Weaver the cub it's starting to work pretty good. I've gotten past, mostly, the bobbin jamming and am trying to figure out the basic operation of the machine. I want to get a good looking stitch on both sides of the leather. The wallets and purses need require that to sell. So I'm adding a photo of what I'm getting and am asking for help. I think it's obvious which is the backside in the photo. Any suggestions? Anyway "Hi", didn't want my first post to be a whine or complaint, but.... Richard B
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