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  1. I may also need a throat plate and feed dogs, do u know where I can get these parts?
  2. Do u know which bobbins fit ? And price estimate? Many thanks! I’ll sed a pm for the PDF please thank you. I went and test it out yesterday, it produced really nice stitches and moved so well and easily.. I am very happy with it. I think I will purchase. He said he wants €500
  3. I think so too, must be one of the smaller heads..it doesnt seem to have the bobbin winder on the side just like stock photos but a replacement winder on the table.. i wonder how hard it will be to find parts if i ever need it.
  4. Hi guys, looking to purchase this post bed. Unfortunately the model plate has long faded away. What model is this? And is parts readily available? It has two spool threads so possible twin needle? Buyers wants €500 for everything, including spare needles bobbins ect OR a singer 29k171/172 long arm patcher blue machine (no photos yet) and no treadle just machine head. I have a spare table with servo motor at home. what do u think?
  5. What an amazing and helpful group of people! Many thanks !
  6. Easiest for me is just redrill. Don’t really mind the extra holes in my table to be honest .. many thanks !
  7. Hi guys! Just converting one of my old industrials with a new servo... is the alignment for the belt and motor a bit off? This alignment right now is as far as it allows me to go to the left.. might need to drill new holes closer to the opening I reckon? And does that belt need to go directly in a straight line down to meet the motor? (It’s at an angle at the moment ) many thanks !
  8. Always reading people suggesting heavy duty feed dogs, I thought that applies to thin leathers. Now I that I think of it, it doesn’t make sense to use heavy / med on thin/light I guess
  9. Hi guys, Currently converting my industrial Singer 291U3 into a “light leatherwork machine” (yes, I know I need a walking foot or compound). I have it fitted with a Jack 513 servo. With a roller foot and Teflon. I just need opinions on which feed dog + plate to buy. I will be strictly sewing garment leather chrome tan. CKPSMS Brand - #20160LGW+149159 1SET Industrial Sewing Machine Feed Dog & Plate Medium Set Compatible with Singer JUKI Brother https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B078MMZ87K/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_SMJ5VWB1GWRMW8R6MY9E or Heavy Duty Needle Plate & Feed Dog #149165+143169 for Juki Brother Consew Singer https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0822T1YS7/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_HSZW5MKG46H6PH50QR0T or Teflon Coated Non-Stick Needle Plate & Feed Dog for Juki Ddl-555 8700 8500 227+ https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07YQSF7HF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_D86K52EWTQ18DW6NPM8N Also what needle size and thread do I need? #69 bonded nylon? many thanks !
  10. Fixed the bobbin case problem , I kept trying to pull it straight out but it just needed a bit of clockwise turning motion to free it up a bit. Fixed it right up. There was a bit of fluff and loose thread in there too. Bobbin case seems to be the most generic universal ones. I also read that I should adjust the bottom feed dog level for leatherwork ? I appreciate your help !
  11. Hi guys, Recently got gifted this machine, it’s a Singer 291U. It’s a normal flatbed with a standard presser foot with clutch motor, anybody have this machine and can vouch on its reliability? Unfortunately the bobbin case is stuck and I can’t take it out, so I’ll have to figure out that first. im interested in swapping out the clutch for a servo and having a roller foot to help it sew well with garment leather and to climb over seams. I understand that it’s not a walking foot or compound feed but regardless, I want to try make this work.. seeing as I did get it for free
  12. Thank you so much ! I appreciate your effort and knowledge! I very much rather pay the market price for a good condition one, seller is asking for 350$... he has a newer 29k58 he’s asking for 930$... I just want a machine to use immediately and not have to worry much as I’m a student with many deadlines Thank you for the guidance ! Yes I agree, the tape is a bit suspicious. And the seller wasn’t happy to disclose any real information on the condition of the machine, only that it needs some “TLC”
  13. Hi group! I am completely new to this website and leatherwork so thank you for having me! I want to purchase this 29k, however seller doesn’t have much info on it. it seems that the stitch length is rather long, bobbin winder has parts missing ... anything else that jumps out for you experienced people ? Many thanks ! IMG_5033.MP4
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