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  1. Hey Folks, I have been slowly trying to build up some side income jobs and have a laser engraver and have been doing leather patches and hats for awhile. I have been slowly working out the kinks and trying new things but am at a crossroads and need to reach out to people who know more then me. When I am doing hats that don't require stitching I am struggling with finding an adhesive I am willing to use for paying customers. I have used contact cement, leather and suede glue, hot glue gun,, leather weld, fabric repair adhesive and some others and do not like using any of them. I have reached out to leather shops in area and they say the the leather weld and contact cement will be best but that doesn't seem to be true. I need an adhesive that I can apply to the hat patch, dries clear, and is excellent in strength and staying together in the outdoors. I had a hat I made for myself get in the rain and the leather got penetrated with water and the glue turned white and completely came undone and shows no bond between the patch and hat as a secure hold. I do not care if the adhesive is from the fabric, leather world or something more industrial. I am looking for the ultimate adhesive if there is one. My last problem is the protection of the leather. I have used leather sheen, resolene, saddle soap etc. and if my patch is in a good rain it gets ruined. The water gets into the lasered portions and spreads. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have an order that someone is looking to get done of 200 hats and I wanna be 100% confident.
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