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  1. So I got my bobbin case finally. But now it seems like the tension is too tight on the string feeding down to the needle. How tight is that supposed to be? I looked at my wife’s machine and she has numbers and what not on hers. So I am going to have to go by feel I guess.
  2. Thanks for all the help. I think I may have found one. I think the part number is 11096.
  3. Here is a pic of the bobbin case
  4. I thought I heard at one time that the bobbin case for these was the same as I think it’s a weaver 303? Here is a pic of the bobbin case
  5. I thought I heard at one time that the bobbin case for these was the same as I think it’s a weaver 303?
  6. My bobbin case for my ferdco pro 84 broke. The little arm goodie came off and I can’t get it all back together. Long story short. Does anyone know where I can buy a new bobbin case for this? Or what other model works on this machine.
  7. Thank you all for your information. I really do appreciate it. @Constabulary I have thought about that as well. Kind of like parting out an old car. A lot of times people are looking for that one piece that they can't seem to find.
  8. gotcha. I notice you are in Germany. Do you know what the value of one of these might be in the US?
  9. Now that I figured out how to change them ask if you want more pics.
  10. I will try. I have to change the files so that they are small enough to be allowed. It looks like there were only 500 of these machines allotted.
  11. Hi all, first time caller here. I just bought a singer 133k. The label says 133SV1 but after reading some posts here and finding a website to match the serial numbers I think it is a 133k built in 1940. Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone knows where to get a manual for this thing. I bought it because I make knives and leather sheaths. The guy said it was made to sew boot soles? So I figured it would be powerful enough for what I want to do. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
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