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  1. Doesn’ sound way off. I got these for roughly $15 Aust. Thank you for the insight on that one. Is there any resources I can read up on in regards to their history? Or is it plain experience/knowledge picked up along the way?
  2. I recently picked up a pair of vintage lasting pliers from Geo Barnsley intending to do some shoemaking down the line. As I collect and restore vintage tools as a part of the hobby, it takes a while to collect all the tools I need. While I assemble the basic tools needed for lasting, is there any alternate uses that I can put these to in the meanwhile? I know that lasting pliers are intended to hold a material without tearing it, leverage it, stretch it, pull it taught, hold it in place and hammer a nail in to secure it to the last. I guess that they can be put to use when wetforming, and maybe while doing a bit of upholstery. Any thoughts or ideas here? And is it possible to estimate an age on these? The hammer reads: “A. [Shoe]; George Barnsley Warranted. Steel Hammer” while the upper plier simple reads: “2 [size?]; B”. Please refer to the attached photo. Any input much appreciated.
  3. It’s an allround tool then. Let’s see how often it’ll be used when I get it working right. I’ve got a Barnsley “Saddlers Knife” which I prefer, but I do like to collect and restore vintage tools to some degree.
  4. After a quick sharpen, it seems best proportioned for a bit of skiving or straight lines. I’ve been making knives for about 8 years, but tool handles seems a bit different to me somehow. So nice with a bit of input there. The original ferrule is long gone, so I’ll have to figure out something there. Thank you for the tip about copper/brass pipe. I might just have to turn the handle the get a good fit!
  5. Thank you for the response. Are you quite sure that it is a plough gauge? The ones I’ve found look quite dissimilar. It’s more in the vein of this Solingen French knife. It is completely unmarked though, so I’ll probably never know the maker for sure. https://www.abbeyengland.com/solingen-knife-french-4529-fc0171
  6. I recently picked up an old french pattern headknife // quartermoon knife that I intend to restore. It is fairly similar to the Blanchard Vergez head knife (“Corchette”?) although the shape is more square. Are there any particular advantages in comparison to a regular head knife or shapes like the Barnsley & Sons Saddlers head knife which I have already? (See attached photo) The handle is cracked/split in several places, and fitted crookedly by a previous owner. Albeit a small amout of pitting and the tip of the blade being blunt, it’s in okay shape. I’m fairly comfortable replacing the handle and reshaping the edge. Birch or beech is the industry standard, but I’m considering masur/curly birch or bog oak instead for a slightly more interesting handle. Any thoughts here? And is a ferrule strictly necessary?
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