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    Hokitika New Zealand
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    Sewing machines, looms, printing machinery, spinning wheels, horse gear, costuming etc

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    making bridles
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    Singer 7-5 and other harness machines
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I'm in charge of the historic craft area at our local Industrial Heritage Park - my aim is to get the machines back to working order so the kids can learn how much fun sewing is.    We have a stable of various domestic machines, most of which are in going order and available to be used by our visitors. On the leather machine front, we currently have a Pearson HM and a Singer 29K, and I'm working on the fully seized and rust welded Singer 7-5 from 1919.  I have been making my own bridles on and off since age 11. We also have a few spinning wheels, and in the future some of my 6 weaving looms will come and live in the space to form the basis of a learning center for historic crafts.


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