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  1. @Handstitched I think you're right about the water damage. I have some maple butcher block table tops I got at an auction that I think I will use. @Scoutmom103 The felt wick I used is McMaster Carr part number 8767K21.
  2. @Handstitched I don't have a plan for the table yet but I think the original is too far gone.
  3. Hi Arjon thats awesome I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. I have a question for you (or anyone else who might also have a similar machine). Do you happen to know where the "Feed Driving Eccentric Connection Oil Tube" hooks up on the bottom of the machine? Mine was falling apart when I got it so I am not sure. The "Feed Driving Eccentric Connection" (i circled in blue) of course moves depending on the stitch length. That makes me think if i hook the felt to it (there is a hole on the top of it that maybe the end of the felt could be stuffed into) it might eventually break because of the movement. Any insights? Thanks a ton for the help.
  4. I used Rustoleum “Rust Dissolver” on the rusty parts which removed the rust but still leaves the pitted surface. So after that I hit them with some sand paper and scotch brite so they would have a smooth finish under the black oxide.
  5. I used EPI ultra black 400 and their E-Tec 512 rust preventative. This requires you to boil the parts in the solution at about 290 degrees Fahrenheit. My understanding is this is a more industrial product than cold bluing. I have never been able to get something that looks factory with cold bluing stuff I’ve tried so I went this route.
  6. I was going back and forth on handwheel size. I ended up at 5" diameter. I forget the size of the original but the new one is a little bigger. I made a pedal with a rotary encoder that talks to the motor. I dont have an actual picture of the pedal right now but this a screenshot of the model.
  7. I did. Thank you. I am thinking I will anodize it black to match the rest of the machine. Yeah it was a sad sight. Previously owned by our state government.
  8. A few more pictures. Showing the fresh black oxide and servo motor.
  9. Hello all, Last year I bought a pretty ratty looking Singer 211U166A from a local auction. Throughout my tinkering I have found a lot of interesting information on this forum. I am far from finished with the work on my machine, but I figured it would be worth starting a build/progress thread. Hopefully someone finds these pictures to be helpful on a project of their own. So far I've redone the black oxide on a lot of the rusted screws, added a machine mounted small (but still 0.44hp) servo motor that is designed for a CNC machine tool, and replaced about half of the oiling felt. If anyone has any questions or suggestions I would like to hear them. I am new to the sewing world so I dont really know what I'm doing.
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